NBC Cancels ‘Community’


As Abed would say, It truly is the Darkest Timeline. NBC has officially done what we all feared, they have canceled Community after 5 seasons.

While to some it doesnt come as a shock, despite having what some consider as a cult following, the show did struggle with ratings, and it seems NBC has finally given up trying to please those fans.

While some rumors suggest that Sony TV is looking to find a new home for the show through those popular digital outlets like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu, it has been reported that Sony is refusing to comment on the idea.

Even actor Joel McHale has taken to twitter to comment on the show’s cancellation.

And then:

For many this is a dark time indeed, and hopefully the love for this show doesn’t fizzle out and die before we get a fullfilment of that “Six Seasons and a Movie” promise.