Microsoft’s Smartwatch Patent Published

MSFT_logo_pngIt’s true, we have another possible addition to the smartwatch game.  On May 1st, the U.S. Patent office published Microsoft’s plans to expand into the wearable gadget market.  It includes a basic outline of some of the features we could expect to see if the device is released, including health/fitness monitors, a music player, and a messaging system.

microsoft-smartwatch-patent-620xaNow don’t think that Microsoft is just jumping on the bandwagon because of the recent interest in such a device, because this patent application was filed on October 29, 2012.  For now we have some of the photos to look at included in the submission, but we’ll have to wait to see what the device actually looks like when and if it announced in the future.  Only then will we know how it stacks up with the Samsung Galaxy Gear, as well as the forthcoming LG Android Wear powered by Google, and the anticipated Apple smartwatch.

Source: U.S. Patent & Trademark Office