Matt Damon debunks Aquaman rumors


REcently rumors that actor Matt Damon would be joining the upcoming Batman/Superman film as none other than Aquaman. With no real confirmation from either party, the rumors kept on going. But now it seems Damon himself debunks the idea in a joking manner.

Since they made Ben Batman, I’ve been showing up at his house every day dressed as Robin, but my little campaign I don’t think has gone too well so far.

Damon then added that he would actually consider playing Aquaman if it benefited his foundation, which provides fresh drinking water to areas across the globe.

“If dressing up in yellow tights somehow moved the needle on this issue, I would be willing to do that, I’ve done sillier stuff.”

So there you have it, the rumors can be laid to rest with Damon seemingly joked off the entire idea.