Rumors resurface regarding Jason Momoa in BATMAN/SUPERMAN



Several months ago rumors began pointing at actor Jason Momoa (Game Of Thrones) and his rumored casting in the upcoming Batman/Superman film, to which he quickly dismissed.

With Cyborg being officially cast earlier this week its no surprise that some rumors would resurface. Now the site Batman-News has stated once again that the actor is being eyed, but unlike previous rumors, this one says that the casting has already been contracted.

According to my source, Momoa signed the dotted line and joined the Batman vs. Superman cast a couple of months ago. There’s no word yet on who Momoa will be playing, but previous rumors have tied him to Aquaman. I’m labeling this as a rumor for now, but I feel that this information is accurate based on who I got it from.

While they do quickly revert back to the Aquaman rumor, its plausible that if the actor was indeed cast, he may not even be cast as a hero.

While only time will tell if this rumor turns out to be true, but at this point fans are speculating that Comic Con this summer will yield some big reveals for this film.

Batman/Superman is currently set for a May 6th 2016 release date.