PS4 Update 1.70 which adds “SHAREfactory” To Be Released Next Week


Sony has announced that the PS4 Update 1.70 will be arriving in Europe and North America next week on April 30th with several new additions to the PS4 interface.

The update is set to include the new “SHAREfactory” application. Described as:

“new rich video editor app for PS4 that makes it easy for you to customize your gameplay videos.”

“PS4 SHARE enhancements include the ability to change the recording time of your gameplay to shorter increments, the ability to change who you share your clips with on the SHARE screen, and the removal of default saves for screenshots and video clips.”

An introductory video can be viewed below.

Another part of the update will include the option for gamers to turn OFF HDCP, which will allow users to capture gameplay through HDMI. Setting up an easier way to capture your favorite moments and intense gameplay walkthorughs. This also lets gamers save longer clips than before, allowing them to give a more in depth experience to their viewers.

The final part of the update gives the PS4 yet another leg up on the competition. Sony will be allowing a “pre-load experience” with pre-order games. This means that you’ll be given an option to download your pre-order games several days early, setting you up to start playing the game the day it is released without the wait time.