Chris Miller and Phil Lord Pass on Ghostbusters 3


It seems that the hopes of Ghostbusters 3 being saved by the directing duo of Chris Miller and Phil Lord have been dashed. Miller and Lord have reportedly passed on the project leaving Sony to find their second choice to helm the long awaited third installment of the franchise. There is no real word as to why the duo passed on the project, which would have undoubtedly added some cash into their already swelling bank accounts.

Any one who as read my last articles will know my feelings on this latest news. Ever since the death of Harold Ramis and Ivan Reitmen stepping down I have had little hope for this film. With Sony yet to announce who their second choice would be, the direction of this film is unsure.

This is something that would be very hard me to say but with the set backs that the film has encountered coupled with the years it has spent in production limbo, as fans we might have to agree that it might be time for us to remember the movies as they were and wish them well to the journey to the other side.