[ Weekly Album Review ] STRUCKOUT- You Are Not Good At This


Punk Rock has come a long way and yet some of the best Punk music is still coming out of coastal California. STRUCKOUT is no exception to that rule. Hailing from Long Beach, CA they give you a small taste of the bands that come out of that area.  They describe themselves as “A punk-ish band from Long Beach California” but I think they are selling themselves short in that respect. While they may not be the 3 chord playing punk bands of old, they are just as much an anger and angst driven punk band like Black Flag.

The sound they produce is more melodic in some aspects and it works. They are not afraid to slow it down in parts of a song or even start a song slow and build to a climatic pay off. This is music that you will listen to when you just want to break stuff. All music carries emotion behind it and I think you when you listen to STRUCKOUT you will get a good idea of the emotions they were going for.

“You Are Not Good At This” is only the second album I can find from this band and it is 5 songs for 3$ on Bandcamp, which I think is a great deal and so should you. I like to keep my reviews short so you can enjoy the music and it is my job to simply bring this music to your attention. Without further ado, please listen for yourself below.


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