Sony To Produce TV Shows for PSN, starting with ‘Powers’


In recent years, we’ve seen a few streaming service providers start to release their own shows. For example, Netflix has House of Cards and Hemlock Grove, Amazon has Betas and Alpha House, and Hulu has A Day in the Life and The Wrong Mans.

Well, it looks like Sony wants to take a page from their books and start producing their own shows exclusively for PlayStation Network. Sony will start by producing ‘Powers,’ a show based off of a comic series of the same name by Brian Michael Bendis.

For those who haven’t read Powers, think of it as a superhero crime drama. The comic follows homicide detective Christian Walker and his partner Deena Pilgrim, who are assigned to different cases involving superhumans or related activity.

Brian Michael Bendis produced Powers as creator-owned content through Image Comics originally, but Bendis is widely renown as an author in the comic universe. Some of his larger projects include writing a large part of the Ultimate Marvel universe and a decade-long stint as head writer for The Avengers and New Avengers. Bendis also wrote the Avengers arc ‘Age of Ultron,’ which the upcoming Avengers movie will be loosely based upon.

As someone who has read a large part of the series, I can safely say that if they do a pretty straightforward adaption of the comic, the show has the potential to be incredible. Yes. I am shamelessly trying to sell you on this series, because I think it will be fantastic.

At this time we don’t have an official start date for the series, but we do know that it will start with 10 episodes that will be an hour long each. The show’s production team will include writers from the graphic novel, as well as people involved with another popular comic-turned-tv-show, AMC’s The Walking Dead.

On a related note, Mircosoft, one of Sony’s direct competitors in the game console field, is also planning on releasing their own original shows. Steven Spielberg will be working with Microsoft to produce a show based off of their billion-dollar series Halo, to be available exclusively through Xbox consoles.