Disney Confirms ‘The Incredibles’ Sequel


At long last, fans of the original Pixar superhero movie can rejoice. We’re finally getting a sequel!

During a conference call with shareholders today, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that ‘The Incredibles’ director Brad Bird is working on a story for a sequel. No other important details were given about the development of the movie.

Disney has also confirmed that there will be a Cars 3, and the original Incredibles movie will be re-released alongside Ratatouille in 3D.

Pixar is revising their release schedule, promising one original story release a year and one sequel every other year. Since we have the original stories Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur releasing in 2015 and the sequel Finding Dory set for 2016, we can logically expect The Incredibles 2 or Cars 3 to be released no sooner than 2018.

As The Incredibles is my favorite Pixar movie, I can promise that I’ll be eagerly tracking the progress of this film to keep all interested up to date.