Katrina Law Joins Arrow as Ra’s Al Ghul’s Daughter


TV Guide has broken the news that former Spartacus actress Katrina Law has signed on to play Nyssa al Ghul (in the comics shes known as Nyssa Raatko) in the highly popular CW Superhero TV show Arrow.

In the comics, Nyssa Raatko was revealed to be the child of R’as that was born during his travels through Russia, making her Talia’s half-sister. On the show it sure sounds like they arent going to delve into that history, describing the character as “a powerful member of the League of Assassins who comes to Starling City in pursuit of The Canary.”

Law, playing Nyssa al Ghul, will make her first appearanceear in the thirteenth episode of Arrow: Season 2, titled “Heir to the Demon.”