Green Arrow finally gets to wear a Mask on Arrow

Three Ghosts

For a full season (and most of the current one), fans have been wondering why Oliver Queen Aka Green Arrow decided on the whole silly War Paint look instead of a simple Mask on the highly popular CW TV show Arrow. Now it seems that EW has made the reveal that in the December 11th episode, Oliver will give up his face painting days and actually put on the iconic Domino Mask.

The show’s executive producer Andrew Kreisberg shed some light on the new change:

”Conceptually, it was something we wanted to do because Oliver himself is evolving as the Arrow–  from vigilante to hero, sort of from Arrow to Green Arrow — and we wanted to see that progression in his costume as well, as Oliver is embracing being a hero, being a hero means stepping out of the dark and being more of a symbol, so he has to take steps to conceal his identity more.”

“It’s going to allow the Arrow to interact with people who don’t know his identity in a much more organic way than having him constantly keep his head down,”

“A lot of our early attempts were very, shall I say, Joel Schumacher-esque. And it was really Greg who said not to overcomplicate it, and I think what’s so wonderful about the design that Maya came up with is that it really is very simple, and it feels as if it’s been part of his costume since the beginning…once we finally had this mask and put it on Stephen [Amell], even Stephen was like, ‘This is the right one.’”

Arrow currently Airs on the CW Wednesday nights.