Unused Comic-Inspired Costume for The Wolverine Sets fans in an uproar

image removed

A couple of days ago, a photo hit the web. Once it did, fans immediately began an uproar in regards to how Fox seems to handle their X-Men Movies.

Gil Brooks from Movieweb.com, was able to snag one of the most interesting bits in X-Men film history when he got Legacy Effects digital modeler and sculptor Adam Ross,  to reveal not only plans for, but images of what could have been seen in this summers film The Wolverine. Adam Ross revealed that he made it using of a 3D printer.

“This is the costume that I modeled for The Wolverine. It was unused in the final cut of the film. Everything in the box is digitally modeled and 3d printed. There is no cloth or leather used in these parts, but rather texturing added in ZBrush.”

Whats interesting about this find is more so the fact that this set up looks pretty beyond the “prototype” phase, and rather something that is more along the lines of a finished product that could have been easily fit into the movie at any point.

While many are claiming that this is once again another dumb move by fox in an attempt to not make their beloved X-Men franchise something that could be mocked or made fun of, which ended up causing them to butcher the franchise once again, the true reasoning behind why it was removed may forever be a mystery.

Personally, although I am a little bummed out that this was removed, I hope one day we can get to see the Iconic X-Men in this true colors instead of the silly ” Matching leather suits” that fans have come to mock again and again.

UPDATE 10/1/12:

Dear theculturednerd.com

We are writing to you on behalf of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and its related entities (collectively \”Fox\”) which possesses intellectual property rights in and to the yet to be released film WOLVERINE, THE  – 81292823.  It has come to our attention that one or more images from WOLVERINE, THE  – 81292823 were posted on your website at
 without authorization.  This conduct infringes the copyrights in WOLVERINE, THE  – 81292823.

We must demand that you remove the image(s) or the clip from your website immediately.

I have a good faith belief that the use of the material at the URL(s) listed above is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law and I declare under penalty of perjury that I am authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner and the information in this letter is accurate.

Please confirm via e-mail that you will comply with our request.

So at this point, the validity of that photo has been pretty much confirmed. Fox wanted is gone. And since its release it has been pretty much pulled from every site hosting it. Obviously its still out there, and can be found with enough digging (google search “unused wolverine costume” and its right there), but apparently Fox doesn’t like the immensely bad PR that photo brought to the table. Who would’ve thought?