Justin Bieber to Play Robin in Batman vs. Superman?


Not long after the explosive response about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman had died down, movie fans receive another piece of information to digest. Teen idol Justin Bieber posted a picture Friday, depicting himself holding a personalized script for the upcoming movie blockbuster Batman Vs. Superman.

The incredibly straightforward caption for the picture simply said: “#Robin ??.

The evidence would seem to indicate that the pop icon has been cast as the character of Robin in Batman Vs. Superman.

Is this a cruel trick, or an even crueler reality?


Thankfully, this is shaping up to be just an elaborate prank by the alleged boy wonder.

In a later tweet sent by Bieber, he alludes to having a role in a Funny or Die skit; a prop from which would be the perfect thing to stir up a little internet frenzy. Also, as the new Batman will be more “tired and seasoned,” it is very unlikely that the adventuring acrobatic assistant will make an appearance. There’s a far greater chance that if we do see any incarnation of the young Richard Grayson, it will be in the form of Nightwing.

So far, no official source has come forward to comment on the matter of the Bieber Boy Wonder.

UPDATE 9/15: Just so everyone knows, Justin Bieber is Not Playing Robin In BATMAN/SUPERMAN