Ubisoft Releases a 14 Minute Gameplay Video for Watch Dogs

Watch-Dogs-LogoUbisoft just posted the video on their official YouTube channel, and the Watch Dogs website.

The video shows open world gameplay, with commentary, and options of things you can do when not on a main mission.  The fluidity of the hacking and information systems in the game looks very promising, however some of the scenes show a less-than-stellar AI.  In one, the main character Aiden is shown hacking pieces of machinery only feet from an armed guard, who apparently can’t hear or see anything.  Hopefully this will be addressed, as it can really take away from the possible immersion of this game.

Later in the video there is a very unique integrated multiplayer aspect shown off in the game.  When playing Watch Dogs, you can search for other nearby players in the game and connect up with their game seamlessly.  The other player will not know that you do this either, which will allow you to mess with them, either by trying to kill them, or hacking their phone to download information that they have discovered while playing.  The potential for griefing may be pretty high with this, but it could also add to a lot more fun when you’re just wandering around in the open world.

Watch Dogs is due to release November 19th, and will be available for PS4 and Xbox One, as well as PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.   For now, you can check out the gameplay demo below!