Batman Gets A Love Interest in ‘Batman/Superman’


The Guys over at Latino-Review has broken the news that apparently Batman (or rather Bruce Wayne) will be getting a love interest for the upcoming Team-Up film (and Sequel to Man Of Steel) ‘Batman/Superman.’

Check out this interesting excepert from their article:

They’re looking for someone in their late 20s and are open to all ethnicities. So not only does the 42 year old Goddamn Batman like em at least a decade younger, but playboy Bruce Wayne doesn’t discriminate either.

But wait there is more. They’re not only looking for a good actress (like duh), but they’re being very specific and looking for an actress who is both tall and possesses physicality.

Interesting. Tall. Physicality. Ben Affleck is after all 6’4″ and it would look awkward if they pair him up with someone who is 5’2″. When I think of tall actresses, I think of amazons like Charlize Theron who is 5’10″ and current it girl of the moment Adrianne Palicki who is 5’11″.

Obviously by the end of that article they started going into speculative territory, but they do raise a point. Ben Affleck is a tall guy, but at age 41, DC/WB probably wouldn’t be looking at some teeny-bopper actress.

While its not clear if this actress is slated to play an original role (like Rachel Dawes from the Nolan Trilogy) or would be fulfilling the role of a more comic-known character such as Vickie Vale, it is interesting that they are looking to get someone to be hanging onto Batman/Bruce Wayne’s arm right off the bat.