Just so everyone knows, Justin Bieber is Not Playing Robin In BATMAN/SUPERMAN


Sometimes the Internet makes me laugh. Every once in a while a post comes along that people see, they then jump to conclusions, and everyone loses their minds.

Justin Beiber as Robin in one of those posts.

Lets all think about it for a moment, firstly, DC & WB KNOWS that Batman is a key franchise. They also KNOW that although Justin Beiber is popular with teenage girls, he is pretty much hated by everyone else.

And I’m pretty sure Justin Beiber knows this too.

The Wrap has now shed some light on this whole thing. According to the site, they have contacted a person with knowledge of the real script assured them that the photo is not authentic, which some have already deduced with some obvious ques from the photo of the alleged scrip.

And that its all most likely part of an upcoming Funny or Die sketch, which Bieber himself hinted at in another Tweet following this one.

So there you have it. Everyone can calm down, and we all can go back to speculating on whats really going on with this film.