Is X-Men Days Of Future Past going to be the last film with Wolverine?


In a recent interview with MTV, actor Hugh Jackman revealed something that may just imply the end of his character in the X-Men franchise.

Warning, possible Spoilers below:

“It may be the last. By the way, it didn’t hit me until three weeks before the end [of shooting ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past], because we promoted ‘The Wolverine’ and I came back on set with three weeks to go, and that’s when I went, ‘Well, who knows? Maybe there’s no more Wolverine. Maybe this is it. Who knows? Maybe.So I really made the most of those last few weeks. I enjoyed every time I put the claws on. I nicked everything off the set, so Halloween, come to me and I’ll hook you up. I keep saying it’s like two movies in one, but with the size of it it’s really three in one. It really is going to blow people away because of the story.”

So there you have it. Is Fox confident enough in their series to move forward without a character who pretty much has been the main character in 5 out of the 6 previous films, and having major plot involvement with this 7th film?

Personally I think Jackman is pretty much one of the only redeeming factors of Fox’s X-Men run, and with his very vocal opinion on a shared universe between all the Marvel Films, he has created a pretty good following in terms of fan support. It would be a shame for Fox to kill off such a great character.

X-Men Days Of Future Past is set to hit US theaters on May 23, 2014.