Is Timothy Dalton being considered to star as Alfred Pennyworth in Batman/Superman?


I know I couldnt have be the only one wondering who DC/WB was gonna get for Alfred, and it looks like it may be a former James Bond.

Mind you  this is only a rumor, and one that really doesnt have much behind it (and one started by a pretty unreliable source The Inquisitr) but the site is claiming that DC/WB is looking at getting Bond vet Timothy Dalton to play Alfred Pennyworth, trusted butler of Bruce Wayne for Ben Affleck’s Batman in the upcoming Batman/Superman film in 2015.

I for one would love to see someone as great as Dalton play Alfred, and the casting would obviously give fans the comic version of the character (in the comics Alfred was a former actor and ex British soldier).

Batman/Superman is set to hit US theaters in the Summer of 2015.