iOS 7 to be Available for iPhones and iPads on September 18th



Apple is hosting their Apple Event today, and they just now announced the release date for their new mobile operating system, iOS 7.

The over-the-air update will be available for previous models of iOS devices on September 18th. So far, it is only available for the iPhone 4 or later, the iPad 2 and later, the iPad Mini, and the iPod Touch 5th Generation.

iOS 7 is supposed to bring a major visual overhaul to Apple’s flagship devices, using a minimalistic, color-balanced approach instead of using the many gradients, textures, and shadow effects we’ve seen for the past 6 years. Seems there was another operating system to take this approach recently. Hmmm.

It will be interesting to see the full impact of the new operating system when it goes live. This is the biggest deviation from the original iOS design that we’ve seen yet; how will people who’ve been using the iPhone since Day 1 react?

Personally, I’m just glad the stupid flower for the Pictures app icon is going away.