[Video Game Review] Deadpool – PS3










For those that aren’t familiar with Deadpool to begin with, stop reading this review right now and familiarize yourself with the character.Go to a comic store, find some issues, get up to speed, then come back.


Don’t worry…I’ll wait……



Back? Great! As you can tell…this review will be in a similar nature to Deadpool himself. Right from the start of the game it is obvious why he called the “Merc With The Mouth”. Within the first 5 minutes of playing I was nearly in tears laughing so hard. This game doesn’t take itself seriously at any point. Now normally in any other game this would be a major flaw; however in Deadpool’s case it plays to its greatest strength.

Getting into the combat was very fulfilling. You start the game with Deadpool’s signature pistols and dual swords (not katanas for those of you wanting to nitpick…katanas are curved, his are straight…making them zatoichis technically, but I digress) which you can upgrade with DP points. You can also purchase other weapons such as SMGs, shotguns, sais, grenades, etc. These points are earned by stringing together huge combos that would make Dante cry.

Now the attitude and combat are fun, but it is sadly weighed down by a few factors. First…the camera zooms in on the combat to a point where you can’t see anything behind you…including that jerkwad who just ruined your 200+ hit combo and took all those upgrade points away. Second…this game is very short. Had I been playing it hardcore I probably could have finished it in a day. There are various challenges that you can play to extend the gameplay, but most just boil down to “beat all these guys within a certain amount of time”. They also could have made his teleportation ability a little bit further, but this does get upgraded later.


All being said Deadpool is a nice game in a world of DMC, God of War, etc. The voice acting was great, story was pretty cool, it just needs a little extra effort for me to recommend it to everyone. If you are a fan of Deadpool then absolutely play this game, just think hard if you’re contemplating a purchase.