Fox moving forward with X-Force Movie. Cable and Deadpool confirmed?


Earlier this week, had reported that Fox had registered the website, and with it, speculation began that Fox was planning to make a film for the X-Force. Then to everyone’s surprise, Rob Liefeld confirmed on Twitter that not only were the rumors true, but that he’d been informed of the plans back in March, but with, he would go onto to explain so more more than anyone expected:


Then a few hours after Liefeld posted all those tweets, the Hollywood Reporter announced that Fox has tapped Kick-Ass 2 writer and director Jeff Wadlow to not only script the X-Force film, but to possibly direct it as well.

So whats the word on casting according to Mr Liefeld? Very slim, but with one minor tidbit:


While all of this is wonderful, its still worth noting that its all in the planning stages. But one thing seems to be on everyone’s mind, hopefully if Fox knows what they’re doing, we will finally get Deadpool done correctly.