Catwoman’s “Death” Explained In JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #5, Was it a Bait and Switch?



Not to long ago, Catwoman met her apparent demise at the end of Justice League Of America # 4, and with it fans were left in an uproar.

Now with the issue released, and thanks to the special preview of Justice League Of America # 5 we had several the week before last we now know of what really happened.

** Warning Spoilers Below for Issue # 5**







***GASP!*** Could it be? Do those red eyes give it away? Could it have been the Martian Manhunter, pretending to be Catwoman the whole time?

Yes. As revealed in the issue, The Martian Manhunter had sensed Catwoman’s attempt to escape her cell and then assumed her identity(thanks to the mind-scan he took of her), and then pretended to be her until it was time enough for him to reveal himself and incapacitate his captors.

While DC did have a tremendously large fan backlash from the ending of Issue 4, its safe to say that not only was there nothing to worry about, but the road to Trinity War just got a whole lot more interesting.