Was the PS4’s Release Date Accidentally Revealed? Sony Gives Vague Response


Right now many believe that the biggest thing that will decide the winner of this holiday season in terms of gaming consoles is who makes the release date first, and with Sony giving no official release date other than a vague “Holiday Season” release window.

So it comes as no surprise that whenever someone claims they have the official release date set, speculation gathers and Sony is forced to respond.

Recently NeoGAF member Cyborg posted the following picture  from a Media Markt store in Amsterdam. The poster itself indicates that Sony’s EU release date for the PS4 is going to be November 13, 2013.


Because of this, Sony has released this as their offical response:

“No further announcements/comments to make at this time. PlayStation 4 is launching this holiday season.”

In most cases, the lack of a confirmation or denial is typically something that could be considered more factual than not. Is it possible that Sony actually is planning to have the PS4 hit early November? If so, its quite possible that the PS4 might actually release before the Xbox One, which could leave them with a distinct advantage this holiday season.