New Plot Details For Kingdom Hearts 3 Arrive Online


In the wake of the E3 announcement of the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3, it has now been revealed that the games storyline will partially consist of the continuation of both Sora and Riku are fighting to stop Master Xehanort in the concluding story of the “Xehanort” Saga.

The series’ antagonist apparently wants to start a war against the “tyranny of light”, which he believes that if successful will restore equilibrium of light and darkness.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy are now setting out to search for the “Seven Guardians of Light” and the Key to Return Hearts. Meanwhile simultaneously, Riku and Mickey are looking for previous Keyblade wielders to aid in preventing the possible outcome that Xehanort is seeking to reach.

It has been confirmed that Square Enix intends this game to also reach new corners of the Disney universe, while also returning to several reoccurring worlds from the previous games. However, Square Enixwouldn’t confirm which worlds will be in the next Kingdom Hearts installment, but it has been noted from a representative from Disney the game will feature worlds unseen in the franchise.

Shinji Hashimoto was directly asked if potentially some Pixar worlds would be included the game but he declined to comment on this, leading many to feel that the lack of information and confirmation may itself be a confirmation that we will see something Pixar related.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is set for the PS4 and Xbox One and is currently in development.