Looks Like Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Will Have A Limited Edition



In a recent ad being run by Gamestop.com, indications of the long rumored Final Fantasy X/ X-2 HD Remaster Limited Edition may have just become confirmed.

But since the initial posting, the ad has since changed. But luckily many were able to catch a Screen Cap of the ad.







If you read the text under the image of the original ad it indicates:

 “Pre-order to receive your free limited edition upgrade”.

Obviously since the initial posting the image has indeed been change which could indicate one of two things. First namely being that obviously since there is no official word from Square-Enix on the validity of a Limited Edition that Gamestop may have just spilled the beans and revealed it prematurely, or secondly they could have misspoke altogether and accidentally printed something that wasn’t true at all.

Either way, since this reveal many are beginning to speculate which of these two options are true, and if true what sort of content would come with a special Limited Edition of the game.

Content ranging from an Artbook, DLC (Last Mission for X-2), all the way to a Soundtrack are now in speculation, but in the end if it is true it could simply be something as trivial as Limited Edition packaging. Either way, only time will tell due to the simple fact that we have yet to see an official release date of the game.