Lobo, Bad Girls Skin Pack, and the Teen Titans Skin Pack hit INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us as DLC today but with a dark cloud overhead

390616_543140925738527_1566100193_nIt feels like it has been a long time coming. The last few weeks have presented fans with several huge reveals, First we had the reveal of Lobo as the 1st DLC character, then we had the reveal of 5 DLC costumes (Teen Titans Cyborg, Classic Harley Quinn, Issue 600 Wonder Woman, Teen Titans Deathstroke, and Flashpoint Batman), and finally at the end of the week we saw the reveal of Batgirl as the 2nd DLC character coming to the roster.

Now, as many have realized, most of that content hits today. With the exception of the Batgirl, today we have the official release of Lobo, the Bad Girls Skin Pack, and the Teen Titans Skin Pack on Xbox live and the PlayStation Store.

The release of these packs also give light to TWO more DLC skins, Teen Titan’s Raven, and Unmasked Selina Kyle.

First up is the Bad Girls Skin Pack:


And here is the first look at the Teen Titans Skin Pack:



But it looks like there is one glaring dark cloud with these reveals. Normally when you buy a “DLC Season Pass” you get all the DLC, but thats not how Neatherrealm does it appearnly. This footnote came on their Facebook Page last night:

Here’s all the info on tomorrow’s DLC:
– Lobo will be available for $4.99, or free to Season Pass holders.
– Batman’s Flashpoint skin is FREE with the compatibility pack.
– The Bad Girls & Teen Titans skin packs will be available for $2.99 each, and are not included in the Season Pass.

Yes that’s right, The Season Pass does not cover DLC Skin Packs. Which I for one says is completely STUPID. Why advertise a DLC Season Pass and not give all the DLC in it? Is that not false advertising?

Either way, the DLC hits today on XBL and the PSN.