Kevin Conroy returning to Voice Batman in ‘Batman: Arkham Origins,’ full trailer due tomorrow


Not to long ago it was rumored that the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins would be sporting a different voice actor other than the iconic voice of Kevin Conroy as to help play out the feel of a younger Bruce Wayne/ Batman, but now it seems all those worries are now gone. recently caught up with Kevin Conroy this past weekend at the At Dallas Comic Con, and when Kevin Conroy appeared at a Q&A function he was asked clearly about the role and confirmed that he will indeed be voicing the title character once again in Batman: Arkham Origins, and has already been working on the game for the past 10 months.

With the offical trailer hitting tomorrow, some now are expecting to hear the actor reprise his role in that trailer.

For now, watch the awesome teaser that has already hit the web:

Batman: Arkham Origins hits World Wide on October 25, 2013.