Joss Whedon wants to make a Batman movie

joss-whedon-spLast night, the Film Society of Lincoln Center hosted “An Evening with Joss Whedon,” which was posed to be a screening of his recent modern dress adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

After the screening was over, Whedon took the time and sat down on stage for a Q&A session (which SuperHeroHype was able to document) where he discussed that making that film was done during a two-week “vacation” from making The Avengers.

Of the many things discussed (which will be addressed in other articles) Whedon was asked which Marvel character he would love to take on next, he replied with:

If I could get my hands on absolutely anybody it would be Batman. He’s a Marvel character in the DC universe.

While fans should already know at this poing that this isn’t the first time Whedon has expressed interest in making a Batman movie. For those who dont know the history, in the early 2000′s he actually pitched Warner Bros. on his vision of a Batman reboot, which unfortunately for him, led to another young director (Christopher Nolan) to eventually get the job.

While at this point its very well known that he is pretty much bound to Marvel, but fans can still hope that Whedon could go back and complete some of his ideas for DC movies, at the very least WB should let him make the Wonder Woman film he wanted to make all those years ago.