INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us DLC “The Killing Joke” Skin pack revealed


Over the course of the last several weeks, fans of the popular DC Fighting Game INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us have gotten their fill of satisfying DLC. With the reveals and releases of Lobo as a playable DLC character, Flashpoint Batman, and DLC Skin Packs that include the Teen Titans Skin Pack (Cyborg, Deathstroke, and Raven), and the Bad Girls Skin Pack (Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman), and the recent reveal of the upcoming Barbara Gordon Batgirl DLC playable character, fans seem to have gotten more than they bargained for with this game.

Now DC/WB/Neatherrealm has another new DLC skin pack that may excite fans even more, a pack solely for the Joker, “The Killing Joke” Skin pack has now been revealed.

Like the others, this pack will include 3 DLC Skins, the first of which is the Joker/Red Hood Skin (seen above) the other two are “Final Confrontation Joker” and “Tourist Joker,” both of which are pictured below.

I for one will be a day one adapter of this pack, its wonderful and will be sure to put a smile on any fans face. Like the previous packs, this pack is expected to retail at $2.99.



Injustice: Gods Among Us is avaialbe now for PS3, XBOX 360, and Nintendo Wii U.