Its official, Daredevil is back at Marvel Studios.


Yes you read that right, The Man Without Fear is finally back to where he belongs. It was revealed today that Kevin Feige has confirmed the news that the screen rights to the Daredevil franchise has left the hands of 20th Century Fox and are now back with Marvel Studios and Disney.

Latino-Review has revealed the news that took place during a press conference for IRON MAN 3 where a reporter asked Feige flat out if the rumors were true and he replied simply, “Yes.”

Up until this point Fox had been under the gun to get a movie done, frantically trying to meet the deadline of the expiration of the rights which basically stated they had until Oct 10th 2012 to begin production, and once those fell through the cracks, Marvel got their Devil back.

Hopefully this means that we can see the Daredevil appear in future Marvel Studios titles as well as a cameo in the future Avengers films.

One can only hope.