Is Zack Snyder a potential contender for the ‘JUSTICE LEAGE’ directors chair?


There’s an absolute ton of rumors that are right now floating around for Warner Bros. planned Justice League film. While we really don’t know for certain which team they are running with, who’s involved, and so on. We do know that there has been some traction lately and it seems to be moving.

While we do know that at one point Will Beall (Screen writer for Gangster Squad) wrote a draft, but reports suggest that it was pulled entirely for a different take with a different feel.

At this point, one thing is clear..the future of this film depends heavily upon the success of Zack Snyder‘s Superman reboot Man of Steel. Its no doubt that this is the case, WB/DC wouldn’t want to put out such a heavy project on a film that could potentially fail like their last Superman outing (looking at you Superman Returns), so the idea that all planning is on hold until Man of Steel hits is fairly obvious.

But that doesnt mean they cant prepare just in case it does like we all hope it will. Recently rumors hit that David Goyer (writer for The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel) was being eyed, but now signs are actually pointing at Zack Snyder.

A couple days ago ScreenCrush posted an interview with Gangster Squad director Ruben Fleischer, who while doing press rounds for that film got asked about the possibility that he might be being eyed for Justice League, to that comment he replied;

Well that’s something that Zack Snyder is going to wind up doing.

Now, in Empire, there was an interesting line that was printed stating:

Whether we get a ‘Justice League,’ [Warner Bros] say, depends on ‘Man of Steel.’ If we do, they say, Zack Snyder will be asked to direct.”

In the same article, Zack Snyder himself indicates that his Metropolis isn’t going to be cut off and isolated from the DC Universe like Christopher Nolan’s Gotham City was:

…in a weird way it is also the DC world. I have been making references to the DC universe, just to let you know that world is out there.

With all of this interesting comments lately, obviously the rumors seem to be pointing at Zack Snyder filling the directors chair for the highly anticipated film, and while many wouldn’t object to this, its interesting to note  that almost every source is saying that he is key to the entire process.

I for one wouldn’t mind at all to see it, Snyder proved to me flat out with Watchmen that he knows what he is doing, and if the recent trailer for Man of Steel says anything, he knows Superman even better.