First Teaser for the Live-Action Japanese Gatchaman film hits the web

gatchaman1 When I was a kid I saw a TV show called “G-Force” as far as I knew it was about 5 people who dressed up as Birds and fought the Japanese version of Cobra from G.I.Joe.

As I grew up, my love for this cartoon did as well. First it sparked in my late Teens when a Japanese commercial hit the web that was basically a 15sec highly stylized short film about the main character. Then when Imagi announced that they were making a Gatchaman/Battle Of The Planets animated film as a follow up to Astro Boy. But when Imagi tanked, so did my hopes for the project.

That was until this past week when I learned about the Live-Action Gatchaman film made by Toya Sato in an attempt to match the success and style of last years live-action Rurouni Kenshin film.

Check out the initial teaser below:

The live-action debut of Gatchaman is Written by Yūsuke Watanabe (20th Century Boys) and starring Tori Matsuzaka (.hack//The Movie), Gō Ayano, Ayame Gōriki, Tatsuomi Hamada and Ryōhei Suzuk.

Gatchaman scheduled for release in Japan on August 24, 2013.

The five serve as agents of the International Science Organization in Tokyo in the near future. Galactor, a mysterious group whose technology far surpasses that of humans, has declared war on the entire world and has already subjugated half of it. A mysterious crystal-like object called a “stone,” is humanity’s only hope. Those who are able to draw out the power of the “stones” are forced to train to become special agents in a five-person team called “Gatchaman.”