First Reaction to the recent IRON MAN 3 screening?

While Thanks to the review embargo’s set by the studios its likely that we wont be having many reviews for IRON MAN 3 come out of the woodwork until much closer to the films release, it seems the site JoBlo may have just gotten someone to give their 2cents on the film a little early.

An anonymous JoBlo reader shared the following:

“It blows the second movie out of the water, It has some amazing action sequences that are on par with The Avengers. Robert Downey Jr. brings so much to this role that he is completely irreplaceable. Shane Black was a good choice for this one, as he injected his buddy-cop movie style towards the end, and was able to balance great action scenes with a ton of comedy. I heard a lot of early trepidation about this one going for the bleak, Dark Knight style that seems to be so popular with Superhero movies these days, but that is not the case. This is by far the funniest Marvel movie to date, and handled with the same light touch as the previous films. This is a great addition to the MCU and makes me excited to go along for the ride for Phase 2.”

While it doesn’t give away much, if its true, it may help to alliterative some fans worries about the film living up to the hype.

IRON MAN 3 hits US theaters on May 3, 2013.