Telltale Games “The Walking Dead” Comings to PlayStation Vita


Yes, the game that many dubbed the “Best Game of 2012” is going to be re-released in its entirety on the Sony PSVita gaming handheld according to a report from IGN.

The director or product planning and platform software innovation at PlayStation’s, Don Mesa, recently told IGN that the entire first season of Telltale’s award-winning episodic game (which has now been confirmed that a “Second Season” is in the works) is officially coming to the Sony handheld, which they strongly believe “sends a strong message” about how strong and unique the experience is that the PSVita can offer fans.

“A good example is with The Walking Dead,” he said. “We think that the emotion and the immersive experiences you’re going to get there, wherever you’re sitting, if you’re in your living room and playing on your Vita or sitting in a café … you get that shock or fright. I think that’s going to be important. That’s what we want to deliver as you’re playing.”

While no official release date has been given, it was revealed that they plan for the game to be released later this year.