Kotaku does a review of the BioShock Infinite review that IGN posted


Yes, as crazy as it sounds, that is what is exactly happening. For many who don’t understand the process of writing and reviewing items, whenever we get an early copy of pretty much anything, its fairly standard to have an embargo notice in it stating we cannot write or review anything in its regard until such and such date. Apparently IGN had a different date than Kotaku and has already posted their own review, so Kotaku decided to poke fun at the whole thing and do a review of their review.

Their entire review is done in two parts, first being the image above, then second being their explanation of the entire process as seen below:

BioShock Infinite: The IGN Review: The Kotaku Review

We’ve been playing BioShock Infinite, but we can’t tell you about it just yet. In order to get our early copy, we agreed to stick to the embargo set by publisher 2K Games, which is up on Monday.

But we can tell you about IGN‘s exclusive review of BioShock Infinite, which went live tonight. So above you can find our Official Kotaku Review* of their review.

*Warning: review may not be an Official Kotaku Review. Kotaku holds no responsibility for any damages that may occur to anyone thinking that this is an Official Kotaku Review.

I love the idea of one site poking fun at another, but sometimes its just petty. And while I don’t necessarily feel that this is the case in this situation, I am curious to see the response that IGN puts out later about this.

Stay tuned as it all develops.