IRON MAN 3 “Heartbreaker” & “Igor” suits revealed

601490_10151543569794804_492297914_nNow we all know that IRON MAN 3 will feature a TON of suits, but now we are finally getting to see them close up. Early Monday a promotional game began on facebook, which promised first hand looks at these new suits. First revealed were the “Silver Centurion” and the “Shotgun” suits, now we have a look at two more.


Its interesting that what many were already dubbing online as “The Hulk-Buster” suit is now called the Igor, which is giving many new hope that when the real “Hulk-Buster” suit comes to the silver screen in the future it will be more like its comic book counterpart.

Stay tuned for more suits to come.

IRON MAN 3 hits theaters on May 3, 2013.