Dead Space – A graphic novel



imagesDead Space

Writer – Antony Johnston

Artist – Ben Templesmith

Publisher – Titan Books


Early last month, Titan Books released 3 graphic novels to go hand in hand with the newest installation to the Dead Space francise : Dead Space 3.

The first, labeled simply: Dead Space, was written by the marvelous Antony Johnston and illustrated by award winning Ben Templesmith. This graphic novel is split into 6 different comics along with Dead Space: Extraction. The time line for this bad boy takes place before both the first Dead Space game and the animated movie, Dead Space: Downfall.

So we start out with very descriptive character summaries that explain details on each main character and important 1203636147back stories that really tie the stories together. Without giving the stories away, The things that unfold get very dark. With the type of horrors you should expect from a Dead Space comic, you wont be disappointed.

One of my favorite things about graphic novels and comics, is usually the art. With this kind of story telling, finding an artist to portray the twisted and gritty events that unfold had to have a very specific type of style. Mr. Templesmith was definitely the correct man for the job. His imagery is almost conceptual, but refined. The use of colors is not common amongst other comic artists, in that most pages use a particular color just defined by different shades. It definitely adds to the overall feel of the gloom that takes place in the story.

This grafic novel is available at just about any comic store on or offline, or can be found easily here on Amazon. I highly recommend this one for die-hard DS fans or even sci-fans who are unfamiliar with the franchise. Being a Prequel, you wont be missing out on anything.