Hasbro releases new promo images for their IRON MAN 3 toyline


It seems Hasbro is getting ready for next months annual Toy Fair sooner than expected. Speaking with USA Today, Hasbro’s Senior Director of Marvel Marketing, Adam Biehl, explained that each new pack (priced at $9.99) of 3 1/4 inch action figures for the upcoming film, IRON MAN 3, will have over 25 different armor combinations.

“Kids really want to customize their play experiences. They love to mash things up and make it their own. We really wanted kids to be able to make their own armor and be able to show it off and make unique versions for their friends. As a result [of the movies], kids really know who he is and they really know at the heart of Iron Man is Tony Stark. He’s this brilliant industrialist who works in his lab to create his own armor. That’s a very aspirational hero behind the mask. In this case, we’re trying to create a way for kids to be like Tony Stark and create their own armor.”

Check out the promo images below:





Hasbro expects this new line of IRON MAN 3 toys to hit stores around Feb. 11th 2013.