Chris Pine shares his thoughts about J.J. Abrams taking the Star Wars Job

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Special Footage Presentation

Recently USA Today caught up with Actor Chris Pine, and got him talking about the recent announcement that J.J. Abrams will be helming Star Wars Episode VII for Disney and Luscasfilm.

While the actor is indeed excited to see what Abrams does with the franchise due to him also being a Star Wars fan, he did share his disappointment about the possibility of Abrams not coming back for Star Trek 3.

“The only way I’ll be disappointed is if he doesn’t direct our third movie,” he said. “I think if that turns out to be the case we’ll have to kidnap him and hold him hostage until he agrees to do a third.”

“From my standpoint, J.J. is a science-fiction genius. To have him over in the Star Wars camp is going to be a great thing. I’m sure it’s going to be a great film.”

But when asked about the odds of a Captain Kirk cameo in the next Star Wars film, Pine quickly replied:

“Now you’re really playing with fire,” he laughed. “I wouldn’t say that even lightly.”

Either way, its looking like everyone is showing their support for the decision, kidnapping threats and all.