“Big News” for Pokémon fans to be announced on Jan 8th

Pokemon-Black-White-2-CompanionWhile it was reported last week by the site Siliconera, it has officially been revealed that some “big Pokémon news” is set to be heading our way next week on January 8th.

While initially it was revealed at the end of a Pokémon Black/White 2 trailer that displayed the news  in Japan mentioning the reveal, but now it may seem that this news isn’t just for Japan.

Now the official Pokémon Twitter account for North America just revealed:

“Pokémon fans, mark your calendars! Check http://Pokemon.com on January 8th for some big news!”

While rumors are seemingly indicating that it could be the 3DS Pokémon game that fans have been clamoring for, it is noted that its highly unusual for a new Pokémon game to actually be announced simultaneously in both Japan and North America, but who knows right now. It seems that the recent tread from Japan is to finally announce games simultaneously  and maybe Nintendo/GameFreak finally is catching up.