Upcoming show “Beware The Batman” gets a few promo art updates, plus some villain news

Thanks to the Tumblr blog titled DC Women Kicking Ass, fans are now able to see some promo art for the new and upcoming  Cartoon Network CG animated series Beware The Batman, which is scheduled to finally begin airing in early 2013.

The following images (which appear to be scans from an upcoming issue of the DC Nation magazine) give fans a first real look at some of the characters that’ll be included in the show.

Batman, Alfred, Katana, and the villains Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad are shown in the new art.

Rumor seems to suggest that Beware The Batman will actually be a different animated take on Batman altogether, and with it comes the character taking on some lesser known villains alongside Alfred and his new sidekick Katana. It has also been announced that the characters Humpty and Metamorpho will also be seen in the series.

The biggest catch from these images are included in Katana’s bio. The Bio revealed that along wtih being former CIA,  she was a former member of the League of Assassins.

Which thanks to a nice reveal made a couple months ago, In an interview with Attack of the Show  Lance Reddick (LOST, FRINGE) confirmed he will voice Ra’s Al Ghul in Beware The Batman.

So despite the absence of Joker,
Penguin, and Two-Face, fans will at the very least get ninjas and Ras Al Ghul.









BEWARE THE BATMAN is coming to Cartoon Network in 2013 and stars Anthony Ruivivar as Batman, Sumalee Montano as Katana, J.B. Blanc as Alfred, and Kurtwood Smith as Lt. James Gordon.