Andrew Dunbar Cast As “Garfield Lynns/Firefly” In ARROW

Not long ago, the story broke that in an upcoming episode of CW’s Arrow, the Batman rogue Firefly would be making an appearance.

And now recently Thanks to Entertainment Weekly it was announced that Actor Andrew Dunbar would be playing the role of Garfield Lynns/Firefly.

Along with this confirmation comes the news that the character will indeed be appearing in the 10th episode of this current season titled “Burned“.

In the comics, Garfield Lynns was a firefighter who after experiencing a traumatic situation and left with severe burns became the Batman villain known as Firefly.

While Arrow seems to be taken a much more realistic approach on its characters and how they are showing their characters, its not a hard stretch to think that they wont change much in this characters back story, maybe just the flying armor and jet pack might be updated.

Arrow is currently on The CW Wednesday nights at 8pm Est and you can check out and catch up on the entire show at Hulu.