[TDKR] Top 10 Accurate Spoilers From The Dark Knight Rises

Here at WakingIdeas, we’ve been following The Dark Knight Rises for some time. We have posted reviews, spoilers, rumors, etc. Easily one of the best, if not the very best, movies of the year.

For as long as the movie was in production, spoilers and rumors came out of the woodwork, some being completely outlandish, some being spot on.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best ones that I had heard prior to the movie.



Spoilers follow the break:

*If you do not want key moments of the movie ruined for you, do not read any further.*



10. There is no Joker reference in the entire movie.

Back when Batman Begins was wrapping up, David Goyer and Christopher Nolan both mentioned that their planned trilogy had Joker as the main villain of the second, and then appearing in the 3rd with Two Face being the primary villain. But when Heath Ledger passed away, all that changed. But the rumors kept going. Some said that Nolan and crew would use stock footage of the Joker to have a small cameo, some said it was gonna be Joseph Gordon Levitt donning the make up (because you have to admit, they do look very similar facially) but all of that cancelled out when a rumor started saying the staff of the movie stated that not only was there no cameo, but out of respect for Ledger, not one reference to the Joker would be made in the movie. And I swear, if it wasn’t for how huge of a role all the Two face business was, you could have prob skipped The Dark Knight altogether when watching the trilogy.

9. Scarecrow is in The Dark Knight Rises.

Now this one wasn’t hard to predict. With the character’s open endings in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, everyone knew the guy was still around somewhere. Rumors suggested months into productions that the actor Cillian Murphy was spotted on set, and speculation ran rampant. Although the “Scarecrow” persona didn’t actually appear in the movie, Jonathan Crane did.

8. Liam Neeson is back as Ras Al Ghul

Early reports stated that Liam Neeson was going to reprise his role from Batman Begins as Ras Al Ghul, however they were not clear to what capacity. Rumors went into overdrive however when rumors of a scene involving “the pit” came about, and when Liam Neeson was asked about said rumors, all he replied was “I cant really talk about it”.

7.Miranda Tate is Talia Al Ghul

This rumor started from the early production of the movie and was initially caused by speculation due to the actress, Marion Cotillard was first cast as an unknown and completely original character. Speculation pointed to her playing Talia when rumors that production was halted so the actress could play the role. Then came some set photos that showed Cotillard in somewhat of a ninja garb running to some camo suited tumblers that seemed to confirm what was being denied by everyone.

6. Bane is a member of the League of Shadows

Rumors of which version of Bane would be shown in The Dark Knight Rises was a spark of huge controversy among the fans. While some were hoping it would be the Venom induced mad gun for hire, rumors that Goyer and Nolan wanted to tie this movie back to the first one seemed to point that Bane would be a member of the League of Shadows, as production continued it seemed all the more apparent what version of Bane would be shown. While rumors suggested this version of Bane was hired by Ras/ Talia to hunt down Batman, the actor Tom Hardy seemed to dismiss that idea and would later hint at him being a true member of the League.

5. Harvey Dent / Two Face gets exposed to Gotham City.

With the Joker out, many speculated what ties The Dark Knight Rises would have to The Dark Knight, aside from the cops hunting down Batman in full force. The rumor that the Harvey Dent / Two Face murders would be exposed came into swing when a set photo of Bane standing on a Tumbler with a photo of Dent in hand, and rumors from people watching the filming stated that the lines that were spoken roughly stated that “Gotham was being lied to, and its white knight wasn’t who they thought”.

4. Batman reveals his identity to a bunch of people.

This being the last movie in the trilogy fans speculated that if Batman was going to die, that he would put his affairs in order. Some believed that if this were to happen, Batman/Bruce would tell those closest to him who he really was, thus leading to the speculation that Bruce Wayne was the one to appear to Commissioner Gordon in the hospital shown in the first trailers revealing who he was and why he left, although this portion of the rumor was incorrect, the movie itself showed Batman’s identity being revealed to Catwoman, John Blake, and Commission Gordon (and that’s not including the people who already knew; Alfred, Lucius Fox, Miranda Tate/ Talia Al Ghul, and Bane). Fans picked up early that Catwoman would find out, given the photos of her and Batman in the sewer scene together where Bane calls Batman “Mr. Wayne.”

3. Bane breaks Batman’s Back.

This came from speculation that The Dark Knight Rises would take cues from Batman Nightfall, a comic series that showed Batman getting his back broken from an encounter with Bane and having to have someone replace him while he was healing. The rumor hit full swing however when Tom Hardy showed a pic on his twitter of him doing the “I WILL BREAK YOU” pose with a stunt man bent on his knee as if his back was broken.

2. Batman doesn’t die, but fakes his death to move on with his life.

The long speculated idea that Batman would die at the end of this movie was a huge hot button idea from early in the production of the film. From the first trailer stated that it was the “the end of his journey” suggested as much. But speculation that his death wouldn’t happen came from comments made from the cast, as well as David Goyer, who stated that it would be an ending that would feel right for the character. And given his motivation from The Dark Knight and the whole talk about moving on with his life and being normal suggested that as a conclusion to the saga, Batman would do just that.

1. John Blake is Robin.

The moment Joseph Gordon Levitt was cast, speculation about who he was playing came into full swing. Some said he was the Riddler, some said he was Alberto Falcone, half brother to Catwoman. But the biggest rumor was that his character John Blake, was to be revealed as Dick Grayson, Batman’s replacement. The moment the final 10 min of the film began, fans got their answer. John Blake wasn’t his name, it was actually “Robin” John Blake. While many felt this was a let down, the character himself was heavily based on all the Robin’s from the comics. John Blake was an orphan, lived in Gotham his whole life, became a cop (like Dick Grayson did during his solo time in Bludhaven) to uphold justice, and later deduced and figured out who Batman was (like Tim Drake did) and confronted him about it as his home. In the final moments of the film it was revealed that John Blake was to be the replacement to Batman, with being given the location to the Batcave and all his tools.