[TDKR] [SPOILERS] Is the Scarecrow in The Dark Knight Rises? Plus other Spoilers

Spoilers follow the break:

*If you do not want key moments of the movie ruined for you, do not read any further.*

*UPDATED* More rumors confirmed (including this one) in a new article:




*UPDATED* the SHH Fourms over at SuperheroHype.com have revealed even more photos, but also confirmed the source of the photos being none other than the upcoming book “The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy” which is set to release on July 20th 2012.

Understandably, this also confirms why many sites are getting a request order to have the photos removed, and probably will indicate why we at Waking Ideas don’t expect them to last much longer.

According to the following magazine scans, the answer is yes.

*UPDATED* According to a much clearer scan (which will not be posted due to possibly copyright infringement) it indicated that the image is indeed from the 3rd movie, and seems indicate that Johnathan Crane will be the judge in some sort of trail scene after Gotham City has been cut off from the outside world and taken over by Bane.

It also seems that Bruce and Miranda Tate get a little more intimate than the trailers might suggest.

Now this next one is a shot of Joey King who according to IMDB is “Young Talia Al Gul” (who fans of the comics know is the daughter of Ras Al Gul, the villain of the first movie played by Liam Neeson, who is reprising his role in this one). Although many sites are reporting this imageĀ  a younger Bane, its obviously is Joey King as “young Talia“, confirming the rumors that Talia is in the movie, and possibly the rumors that Miranda Tate is a grown up Talia, in Gotham City to help Bane get revenge for her fathers death.

The scans popped up over at the TDKR Facebook Fan Community page, so its currently unclear what magazine published them first. But it does seem to add a new level of speculation for the movie.

The Dark Knight Rises is set to release next week on July 20th 2012