[RUMOR] [CONFIRMED] Metal Gear Solid 4 to get trophy support this August

The site Siliconera is reporting that Konami is finally releasing a trophy patch for the game this August when Konami plans to re-release Metal Gear Solid 4 as a budget PlayStation 3 game in the “Best” series this August.

The Metal Gear Solid 4 trophy patch should be compatible with all versions, so if you’re like me, its time to dust off your copy, spend hours of your life watching the games cinematic, and see if you can get that nearly impossible platinum trophy.


Konami has now posted the following on its official twitter;


Long-awaited #MGS 4 Trophy patch is in development along with new game version supporting Trophies. More news to come! pic.twitter.com/1b1CYDSp

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