Review: The Amazing Spider-man – The Game

Well my friendly spider crazed fans, the time has come for another (yes another) spider-man game. This time Activision and Beenox finally figured out who spider-man really is and what he really needs. An open playground of New York.
 The Amazing Spider-man begins with Peter Parker getting a tour of Oscorp by his BFF Gwen Stacy. While showing Peter all the cross-species they have been working on, Peter realizes life to boring to be just him and out comes a spider.

Now that is a start to this Spidey adventure. While this game does have a story, its more about what a spider can do that brings this game to life. From web swinging around the city, to web rushing through the streets, you feel like you are on a jungle gym in the playground. Web rushing is the newest feature to Spider-man. If you are use to web zipping in your latest adventures, then web rushing is going to feel natural and much smoother. Being able to slow down time and place where you want to land is very helpful while swinging full speed in between buildings.
While taking in the views of the city, there are also many little things to keep you occupied. Collecting comic books, fighting robots and of course stopping crimes are all involved in being a friendly neighborhood spider. Crimes can range from simple petty crimes to car chases. However, all our staged crimes they do become a breath of fresh air while zipping around. Plus is you get to mess around with some of spidey’s fighting skills which is always fun. Comic books are spread out all around the city, inside and out. With over 700 to collect and 100 of them flying around (yes…flying around), they become more addicting to catch than energy shards in Infamous. The bonus to collecting these books is not just the 10xp you get. It is the fact you unlock digital copies of first apperances of Spider-man and some of his famed villains.

What makes and breaks most superhero games now is the action and fighting. This spider shows us he can fight as if he has eight limbs with all his flips, turns and spider sense. Beenox did take some advice from Rocksteady with their famous Bats games in the fighting here. Simple button presses with counter timing make spider flip as a spider can. Though it was a good attempt at a great combat system, there are time is feels a bit flat and a bit repeative watching Spider-man do the same flips over and over and over. 

The Amazing Spider-man is a game any fan of the movies or comics will find joy. With some combat issues and some areas feeling flat, it can almost feel like an energy drink. Always great within the first few hours but as time goes on it becomes tiring. Overall, this is a great Spider-man adventure, just not the greatest adventure to be seen in today’s world. 

-Your fricken spiderman

-Beautiful New York 

-Lots of things to do

-Fun times collecting comic books


-combat is a good attempt at something we all have seen

-Story is meh

-At times the world feels bland

Overall, it is a good game. 7.5/10. Rent, Buy, or Borrow from a friend. I would say if you’re a Spider-man fan, you better buy one of Spidey’s best adventures. If you a fan of superheroes, then it is a rent or borrow game.