Resident Evil 6 demo

Alright my zombie fans, Resident Evil 6 is just months away and the demo has finally been released for every who has purchased Dragon Dogma. Now if Dragon Dogma was not sweet all by itself this demo made it worthwhile to hold on to your copy. 

The demo includes three different runs you can do. Starting out with Leon was my #1 pick. Leon is teamed with Helena who both stumbles upon a shocking discovery with the President in his chambers. From the feeling you get after taking control is pure old fashion RE style. Spooky atmosphere with a gradually moving story. Here I felt Capcom finally realized what they were missing from the acclaimed Resident Evil 5.

After running in and out of different hallways and rooms, the action finally picks up with a gun battle out of a parking garage. Now the shooting mechanics are familiar to all the people that enjoyed Resident Evil 5, but with a twist. You can now move more fluid. Yes I said it, you actually feel like the movement is something they have focused on. The shooting is works with a dive and a tumble to keep things exciting. Shooting zombies in the head may not kill them. Yet they will have a chunk of their head missing which always bring a smile to gore enthusiasts.

Next run was with Chris Redfield. Oh Chris, how I feel a love/hate relationship with you in almost every RE adventure. Now his run felt like I was playing a more action packed RE 5. They kept everything good we know about Chris and added more movement to him. It is now easier to cover and diving out of cover never gets old when shooting zombie/plant hybrids. Yes Chris still does not know how to fight just zombies yet he like to fight his plant like buddies a little more. Overall with Chris run, a more action packed adventure with lots of shooting, lots of bad guys, and some (just a little) platforming. With Chris, and his partner Piers, I felt that the time spent with him was a third person shooter with RE theme. It makes me wonder how much of that will feel in the full game.

The last part of the demo was Jack, who is related to the ultimate Resident Evil bad guy Wesker. Teamed up with him is Sherry. Now some won’t take note who she is but fans of the series my remember her from Resident Evil 2 as the little girl we all saw in the police station. She is now older and cuter. The Jack and Sherry part was entertaining as it was a chance to see what boss fights would be like. While running from what looks like a nemesis upgrade, an all out gun battle takes control on constant diving, running and shooting red barrels. Fun…YES!!!

Resident Evil 6 is something to be excited about. Lots of action, some actual zombies, with characters we all know and love with a pinch of new ones. Only a few more months until we all get the opportunity check out this new exciting adventure in the Resident Evil franchise. Resident Evil 6 is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 2nd, 2012.