[SPOILERS] New Interview With the Producers of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN


Recently, Latino Review had the opportunity to have some of the producers of The Amazing Spider-Man over for an interview, while the entire interview can be seen over at the site, here are some of the more notable excerpts:

Spoilers follow the break:

*If you do not want key moments of the movie ruined for you, do not read any further.*

Asked whether his parents had a part in the story line for Spider-Man 4

Matt: That wasn’t a part of the conversation on 4, the parents, to be honest with you. It wasn’t.
Avi: Actually, we wanted to keep it away from it.
Matt: It didn’t fit into the three movies, you’d have to go back in time.

The new spider bite:

Matt: There could never be, in our minds, a version of this movie without the spider bite because it;s a different interpretation of Peter Parker. What Avi’s saying is: What’s unique about this Peter Parker – his parents leave him and he’s left with, what? A briefcase. That’s all he knows. And what’s in that briefcase is a piece of paper and on that piece of paper is a forumla, and what he does with that is goes on a quest, this quest takes him to Oscorp. At Oscorp, he ventures into a room that clearly says: “Do not come in” and gets bitten by a Spider. So it’s a different idea than a spider drops down when he’s on a field trip and bites him.
Avi: It’s not a casual thing, it’s part of the search.
Matt: And it’s part of who he is. So this Peter Parker literally opens Pandora’s box and inside he literally finds a spider. So it’s not just “Oh, this is another version of the spider bite” it has a different meaning in the story and it goes to the core of who he is.

Asked if Spider-Man will be responsible for creating his own villains like Batman did:

Matt: Very definitely.

When asked about the rumors of the Oscorp tower appearing in The Avengers:

Avi: It’s a sad story. A close, close friend and college passed, Michael Riva/
Matt: Our production designer.
Avi: And he designed the most amazing ominous building that looks like it was born for New York. And we had a meeting with Kevin [Fiege] and we looked at it and we kind of thought it would be cool to have this building in The Avengers, in any – in all of these movies.
Matt: So you’d have these two towers on the skyline.By the time the CG was done, though, the movie. The timing didn’t make sense.
Avi: It was just timing. But in the future we’ll figure that out. It’s fun for us and fun for the fans.



The Amazing Spider-Man is now in theaters. Go check out my review here.