New Green Arrow tv show will have Deathstroke, China White, and now Deadshot

In an interesting turn of events, The CW has now confirmed that the infamous Batman rogue Deadshot will appear on the 3rd episode of the new series Arrow. No official word on who will be wearing the mask in this new show, rumor suggests however that the show is taking a very realistic approach to the villains, but maintaining the original comic look.

At Comic-Con, a prop was shown of the mask Deathstroke will have in the series, which is what caused the rumors that the show will be giving these characters their comic appearances.

I love the mask, and its interesting to see that both of the characters eyes are maintained in the mask, maybe Green Arrow will shoot one of them out in the debut episode?

The third episode of the new series, which will feature Deadshot, has been titled, “Lone Gunmen.”

It is very interesting to note that with the show trying to separate itself from Smallville, its decided to chose and use two villains that were used pretty heavily used in the final two seasons of Smallville. Maybe they’re trying to show how different they can do it while it still fresh in fans minds. Either way, from what the reviews have said of the shows first episode, the show looks to be a very good one.

Arrow debuts on The CW this fall on Wednesday Oct. 10th 2012.