Marvel recently revealed plans to release all of their “Phase One” movies in one box set, and now MTV Splash Page has revealed the first full official image of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Blu-ray set which is set to be released this September in the US.

As you can see, it will be a recreation of Nick Fury’s case (which held the Tesseract in Thor and Marvel’s The Avengers).

The Individual movies will all be getting small cardboard cases, with some very awesome new art on each one.

Immerse yourself in every aspect of Marvel’s elite Super Heroes with this limited-edition, 10-disc Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Collection. Complete with glowing Tesseract, this exclusive replica of Nick Fury’s iconic briefcase includes stunning Blu-ray 3D™ and Blu-ray™ presentations of The Avengers; Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor, as well as Blu-ray™ versions of Iron Man; Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk in exclusive collectible packaging. Plus, now that you possess the highest level of security clearance, you have been granted access to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most confidential files, including a top-secret bonus disc filled never before seen, classified information. Also featuring exquisitely detailed art, prop reproductions and artifacts from the motion pictures, the must-own Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Collection will verify your status as the world’s greatest authority on the Marvel Super Hero mythos!